In honor of #LoveYourPetDay we’re sharing some of the adorable puppy pictures you’ve sent us of the sweet babies settling into their new homes! We love to see how much you love your pets, today and every day! It means to world to us to see how loved our puppies are!
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Rehoboth Farms

We have now created an online selection list. Our customers can now see where they are at on the selection process, and our future customers can see where they may be placed on the list. Unfortunately, the list has to be updated by hand and is not generated by deposits that come in, there will be a delay in updating it.

You can get to the list in the Adoption Center page, the Social Media page, or just click here.

Remember the list is first come, first served.

Puppy pick up day was a success this past weekend! There was a little fear that the snow would come early, but the skies remained clear all day. Everyone loved their puppies. More are coming in March and our wait list is growing.
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Rehoboth Farms

Future Selection List

Updated 3/21/2021

This is where you are located on the current selection list. You can find your placement by your initials, the state you live in, or the order number of your deposit. The last column is the litter you are placed in. If it's marked "Future", there are no current litters born yet. After they are born you will be placed in a litter based on availability of your choice. We may contact you if there is an available puppy that's different from your choice available. Say if you wanted a white male puppy and we have a badger male puppy available, we will ask you if you would like that one.
InitialsFromOrder # (deposit)AKC/Non-AKCSelection, Color, SexLitter
M.D.NC3538AKC1st Badger Male Rebecca-Ruthie
B.L.OH3603AKC1st Badger Male Tabitha
E.E.NC3673AKC2nd Badger Male Tabitha
M.E.NC3620AKC1st Badger Female Rebecca-Ruthie
N.D.VA3653AKC1st Badger Female Tabitha
M.E.NC3644AKC2nd Badger Female Tabitha
B.A.NC3647AKC2nd White MaleTabitha
A.L.SC3677AKC3rd Badger MaleTabitha
T.E.VA3798AKC1st Male WhiteRebecca-Ruthie
H.S.MD2985Non-AKC1st White MaleFuture
M.N.VA3658Non-AKC1st Female BadgerFuture
S.YVA3871AKC1st Badger Male Future
K.H.NC3898 AKC3rd White MaleTabitha
M.A.DC3915AKC1st White MaleTabitha
P.S.TN3919AKC1st Badger Female Future
J.J.FL3922Non-AKC2nd Badger Female Future