Our Puppies

These are many of our puppies that have been adopted through the years. This page shows you the current year and below you can select previous years. You can also look at the happy families that have adopted our puppies.

Phoebe’s puppies born Dec. 14, 2020


Sophie’s puppies born Dec. 14, 2020


Hope’s puppies born Oct. 25, 2020


Ruthie’s puppies born Sep. 25, 2020


Tabitha’s puppies born Aug. 12, 2020


Phoebe’s puppies born Jun. 14, 2020


Hosannah’s puppies born Jun. 2, 2020


Ellie’s puppies born May 23, 2020


Sophie’s puppies born Apr. 8, 2020


Rebecca’s puppies born Mar. 3, 2020


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