Pick up day is this Saturday, Dec. 4th. We are pleased that there are so many of you coming by to take your new family member home.

To those who couldn’t get in on Tabitha’s litter, we are pleased to announce that Phoebe will be birthing an AKC litter soon. And there’s a possibility that Sophie (non-AKC) may be pregnant as well. With those two litters that should cover all of our waiting list and have a few left over. So, if you are waiting to jump on the list, don’t wait too long.

Lastly, we’d like to thank all of our extended families for the opportunity in expanding their own with the love of our puppies. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy nap time afterwards.

[SOLD]  We have one more puppy left from Tabitha’s litter! During the selection process, one of our customers chose to switch over to a future litter. There’s a cute female pup in the Adoption Center waiting to get picked by a new family. She is nearly all white besides for her ears and a small patch at the base of her tail. And at five weeks old she weighed 7.8 lbs.  

Currently, all puppies from Tabitha’s latest litter are spoken for. We will be sending out the puppy selection emails starting Sunday night/Monday morning. Please be patient during this process.

We would also like to introduce you to Norman. Norman is 9 months old, AKC certified male from Ellie and Jaca on our farm. Norman is white with beige ears. His tail was damaged during birth and we had it cropped, We were going to keep Norman and use him in our breeding program but decided to stay with our 2 males, Snowy and Jaca. To prevent any accidental breeding between Ellie and her son, we have decided to make Norman is available for sale at a discount. He is very sweet, loves people, loves to be petted. He rides in cars easily and doesn’t get car sick. Could be a wonderful pet or farm livestock guardian dog.

Tabitha had 10 puppies on Oct. 11, 2021. There are three badger females, four badger males, one white female, and two white males. All but three are spoken for, two badger males and a white male. Get your deposits in quick!

The following is an email from one of our clients:

I’m writing just to share how incredibly happy we are with our pup (Obi “Woof” Kenobi) that we got from you! I previously shared that we have an autistic son and all I can say is that this little guy is fiercely protective of our son and he brings so much joy to our family- just a ball of energy!

We brought him back to Utah and he has been an amazing adventure companion for our son! He is such an amazing addition to our family! Obi is growing perfectly and we get so many compliments about him when we are out and about with him! Anyway, I Just wanted to share a few pics with you of some of his adventures.

We truly appreciate all of your guidance and the ease in being able to adopt Obi from you! Couldn’t be happier with our decision! Wishing you a very happy holiday season!

B. L.


We still have 4 puppies left from this last round of litters. We also have decided to have an end of Summer sale.

First, the sale. You can get $50 off of any deposit, adoption fee, or final payment by using the code summer2021 at checkout. This does not apply to breeding rights. This coupon code will last from now until Labor Day (Sep. 6th) 2021. 

Now the puppies. There is a white female from Phoebe (non-AKC) and her adoption fee is $995. You can place a deposit on her by following this link.

Sophie’s litter has 3 females left, all badger coloring. They are AKC registerable and the adoption fee is $1195. You can place a deposit on one of them by following this link.

Let’s not forget the photos.

Finally, once you place a deposit you will be contacted by email soon (usually the next day) with a link to make your final payment. The coupon code will work both times giving you a total of $100 off of the total adoption fee. After that, we will schedule a time for you to come and get your new family member. 

 Phoebe gave birth to 8puppies on June 4th, 2021. They are non-AKC pups and will be ready the weekend of July 31st. Selection will be made on the first weekend of July. The pups are evenly distributed, 2 white females, 2 white males, 2 badger females, and 2 badger males. 

We will be in contact with customers and updating the selection list soon. As of this point there is 1 of these puppies available (8 puppies – 7 current deposits).