Phoebe gave birth to 8puppies on June 4th, 2021. They are non-AKC pups and will be ready the weekend of July 31st. Selection will be made on the first weekend of July. The pups are evenly distributed, 2 white females, 2 white males, 2 badger females, and 2 badger males. 

We will be in contact with customers and updating the selection list soon. As of this point there is 1 of these puppies available (8 puppies – 7 current deposits).


On June 4th, Phoebe had 8 puppies with an equal mix. There are 2 badger males, 2 badger females, 2 white males, and 2 white females. We will be posting photos and updating the selection list soon.

Sorry about the late updates, things have been hectic lately.

We have now created an online selection list. Our customers can now see where they are at on the selection process, and our future customers can see where they may be placed on the list. Unfortunately, the list has to be updated by hand and is not generated by deposits that come in, there will be a delay in updating it.

You can get to the list in the Adoption Center page, the Social Media page, or just click here.

Remember the list is first come, first served.

We now accept PayPal! It will be an option in the checkout page. Just click on the option and you can pay through PayPal. There is also a Pay in 4 option on the “Pay Later” button, but there is a $600 limit on it (by PayPal, not us). We will be working on options in order to offer this on final payments that are usually over $600. Please be patient.

We have two litters born on the same day!!! Phoebe had eight puppies, three females and five males. Sophie had nine puppies, three females and six males. That’s 17 (six female, 11 male) pups that will be available Valentine’s Day weekend. They will be posted in our Adoption Center next week when we take inventory of what we have left from customers who have already made deposits. 

We are expecting AKC puppies due around Christmas and waiting for confirmation of a non-AKC litter. They should be ready for pick up late February. So, if you normally forget about Valentine’s Day, you can always put a deposit in now so you don’t have to worry about it.

Hope’s litter sold out two days ago and this morning (Dec. 3, 2020), we have sent the first round of emails for puppy selection on Hope’s litter. But don’t worry! We have confirmation of two more pregnancies that will be due mid February (Valentine’s Day gift, perhaps). Don’t forget that deposits can be made any time and can be held up to two years if you cannot get a puppy you like. Also, Black Friday coupon code is still active. Type in “FRIDAY” at check out to get $100 off on any deposits until Christmas Day.