Adoption Information

This page will have everything you need to know about adopting a puppy from Rehoboth Farms of VA.

What You do

First, you need to accept our gratitude for considering us to help you bring a new family member into your life.

The next thing is that you need to decide if you want a male or female. Generally males are larger, but not considerably different with our breeding dogs. Then you need to prepare and you have less time than you think to do so.

You need to decide on food. Although we provide you with a small bag of Diamond Naturals, you will need to decide if you will continue that or pick something else. If you do pick something else, at least make it high in protein, low or no corn or wheat, and high quality.

You need to decide if your new puppy will be an inside dog, outside, or both. If outside for any extended amount of time, such as overnight or while you are at work, the puppy will need shelter. And make sure you have a solid fence, these dogs like to roam. If you are keeping the dog inside, does it have its own space, or will it share with your family. With your schedule, will you be able to let it outside for long enough that it has enough exercise? If it will be both in and out, will it have its own space in both places?

Although Great Pyrenees aren’t normally known to chew up things or destroy furniture, it can happen. After all, you are getting a puppy, puppies need toys. You will need a few at least to start out with until it grows out of them (if it grows out of them). 

Lastly is all the normal stuff, food bowl, water bowl, crate for training if you decide to go that route, puppy pads maybe, and a little understanding while it adjusts to a new place.



Decide on male or female puppy.


Decide on food.


Where will the puppy live. Inside, outside, both?


Get all your supplies.

What we do

The first thing we do is reach out to you. We will contact you after you have made an order. Then depending on that is what happens next. But, for an example we will use the longest method where the puppies are not born yet.

We receive a deposit or full payment for a male or female puppy. Your contact information goes on a list, in the order it was received. Puppies are due in two weeks. We confirm contact information by contacting you through email, text, or phone call. We will tell you where you are on the list and roughly the due date (usually within a week). We will contact you again when the puppies are born, just as an update.

Our next contact will be made two to three weeks after they are born, when they open their eyes. We will contact you by email with a link protected page of our Adoption Center, along with a password, asking you to make your selection. The price will reflect your previous payment, either a deposit or in full. Please be prompt in your selection, other people will be waiting on you. If you do not make your selection within 72 hours of us sending you the email, the password will change and you will bumped down one (if you are 1st and don’t make your choice, we will move on to the 2nd, then back to you).

After that you don’t need to do a thing but wait for us to contact you one last time to schedule your pick up. We will schedule a date and time, and if you need directions we will give them to you as well. This also allows us about a month to prepare all the paper work, the going home package, and any AKC registration if purchased.

If by chance, you bought a puppy as it was listed on the Adoption Center page, it makes things a lot easier as we can just schedule you for pick up.



We contact you to ensure contact information is correct.


We ask you to make your selection.


We continue to care for the puppy and schedule it for pick up.


We wait for you to arrive on your scheduled day with your puppy and all paperwork included.

Our Adoption Center

Regular purebred puppies are $995 and AKC Registered puppies are $1195.

We have tried to make our Adoption Center as simple as possible. When we have a litter coming we plan for an average of eight puppies. Sometimes they are as few as six or more than 10. So when you order from a litter you will see eight selections, four male and four female. If the litter you select from does not produce what you have selected (ie: you selected 4th female and there were only 3), your funds will be held for the next litter of your choosing up to two years. 

If you choose to put a deposit down on a future litter, it will be on the current one or one after that, depending on if the current is filled or not. The only thing that will lower your rank on the list is if a customer for a current litter didn’t get their selection. You cannot buy your way higher on the list, it is first come first served.

As stated above, when it comes time to make your selection, you will be sent an email with a special link to our Adoption Center page. Make your selection and make your payment if applicable so we can move on to other waiting customers. Remember you have 72 hours from the time we send the email or you will get bumped down one.

Deposits are held for two years and it’s up to you if you want to make a selection. However, deposits are non-refundable, if you skip selections for two years we cannot cater to you any longer.

Don’t forget to add in Breeding Rights or AKC registration if you want them.



Order from a current litter or make a deposit for later.


You will have 72 hours to choose from the time our selection email is sent.


Make your selection and finish payment if applicable.


Please be prompt in your selection, other excited customers are waiting.


Below are small sections of the contracts we require you to abide by when adopting from us. They are there to protect the animal, you, and us, combined. But most of all to ensure our puppies are safe and well cared for.

The Animal Adoption Contract is required for any adoption you get from us. The Breeding Rights Contract is if you choose to get breeding rights for your new puppy. The Photo Release Form is in case you allow us to post a “family photo” of you and your new puppy on this website or social media.

Click on the titles  below to view the full contract or use the blocks to download a .pdf of the contracts.

Animal Adoption Contract

Download or print document           If a person places a deposit and/or purchase a puppy, dog, or other livestock, known as “the animal” in any form from Rehoboth Farms of VA, LLC that person is henceforth known as “the buyer” and agrees to the following terms of this contract. Any representative […]

Breeding Right Contract

Download or print document           If a person purchases breeding rights, the puppy, dog, or other livestock, known as “the animal”, in any form from Rehoboth Farms of VA, LLC that person is henceforth known as “the buyer” and agrees to the following terms of this contract. Any representative of Rehoboth […]

Photo Release Form

Download or print document I, ___________________________________________, hereby grant Rehoboth Farms of VA, LLC, its owners, members, employees, and representatives (collectively “Rehoboth Farms”) non-revocable permission to capture my image and likeness in photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other digital or analog media (collectively “Images”). I acknowledge that Rehoboth Farms will own such Images and further […]


Animal adoption contract

PDF Download

Breeding Right Contract

PDF Download

Photo Release Form

PDF Download

Puppy Pick up day!

You and a member of our team have scheduled a pick up date and time and it is finally here! And we are here to tell you everything you need to know.

For the time being, we will be following guidelines put forth by our governor in Executive Order 68. You will be able to get your puppy, we would like you to wear a mask. We will not require it as we will have one on, we would just prefer it. 

First thing is that you need to know where. All pick ups will be at
900 Broad Street
Altavista, VA 24517
You are welcome to call us if you get lost. We will do our best to guide you to your puppy.

Once you get here you get to meet your new puppy. After we both get back on track from all the excitement, we will go over all the paperwork. You will have to sign any contract that is applicable to your purchases. We will give you any certificates, records, and other papers and we will be happy to go over them with you. We will also give you a bag of the dog food your puppy has been eating, and a travel bowl in case you have a long ride to the puppies new home.

That being said, dogs can get car sick, especially puppies. We recommend bringing an old towel or two, or an old blanket to cover where the puppy will be (or yourself if you just can’t let go). Bring a collar and a leash for pit stops along the way. Dogs do get nervous to new situations and that could manifest in frequent bathroom breaks. A pet carrier is optional.

After that we may take some pictures for us to document the occasion that we will be happy to send you. If you allow us, we would love to post them on our website and social media pages.

The rest is up to you! Please schedule a vet visit within three days of getting your puppy. The puppy will need regular checkups early on and to continue the vaccine schedule.

If you decide to switch dog food, don’t do it suddenly. Sudden transitions in food intake can cause digestive and other problems in dogs and puppies. We give you enough to get you by for several days, but when it come time to switch take 4 or 5 days to do so. 

  1. Day 1, only feed what we provided or recommended
  2. Day 2, mix 3 parts provided dog food to 1 part new
  3. Day 3, mix 2 parts provided dog food to 2 parts new
  4. Day 4, mix 1 part provided dog food to 3 parts new
  5. Day 5, all the dog food is switched to the new  

Be patient. It takes close to a month to get into a new routine, and try to establish that for your puppy. Routine is good for dogs and people alike. Training and establishing boundaries also takes time. You will find all sorts of resources on the internet to help you with this.

And thank you for being part of our extended family.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Rehoboth Farms of VA
900 Broad Street
Altavista, VA 24517

Bring with you…

  • Collar
  • Leash
  • old towels or blankets
  • optional pet carrier

You will go home with…

  • new puppy
  • paperwork, certificates, other documents
  • bag of dog food
  • travel bowl

Be Patient

Although you are excited, your new puppy may be scared, nervous, and worried. It will take time for it to adjust to a new life.

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