First, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Sorry it’s late, it’s been a little busy lately.

It’s been a while since our last update. Between Thanksgiving, a puppy pick up day, Christmas shopping, planning on website additions, an accidental litter being born, Christmas, another litter being born, and then New Year’s, it’s been a very hectic time for us. Let me start at the beginning of this list.

The weekend after Thanksgiving we had a puppy pick up day that went wonderfully. Happy customers all around.


Then we all started doing some Christmas shopping and making plans on the future of our website. Part of that is about the goats we have. Mostly our goat sales have been pretty localized, but we have decided to open it up and put it on the website. Adult goats will be $350 each regardless of sex, kids (goats less than a year) will be $200 for does, $300 for bucks. We will have this up in the Adoption Center by the end of the month.

Then, in the middle of all of this we noticed Phoebe getting a little round. This was expected as we had Jaca with her for some time so we can get an AKC litter. But, that didn’t happen. 

As you probably know, we have a fairly open farm. There is an electric fence, but some animals can easily get through it without feeling it. Like Huskies with a thick double coat. A Husky from a neighboring property had wandered onto our farm and had gotten Phoebe pregnant. Hey, accidents happen. Disappointing, but still kind of expected when we don’t keep our dogs locked up in pens. 

So we have eight very cute Husky/Great Pyrenees puppies are very cute and we will be placing them for sale in the Adoption Center when they are about four weeks old (about a week or two). We haven’t decided on a price yet, but it will be posted when the puppies are put in the Adoption Center.

They were born December 12th, and will be ready for pick up on February 5th. There are six males, two are tan in color, four are gray, and there are two females, all are grey.


Then there was Christmas!

Then on December 29th, Hope had her puppies! Snowy was the father so these are non-AKC. We have eight white pups that will be ready to go on February 26th. Puppy selection will happen around the weekend of January 28th. And I will be updating the selection list this weekend.

And and upcoming big change. The new year, new me, part. We will be re-vamping the entire website. No need to worry, just expect it to one day in the near future to be different. To be honest, when we jumped into taking this over from the previous owner, we had to move super fast to get things going. Obviously the first goal was security, then functionality, then looks. We will be updating, upgrading, and making everything look better. It’s going to take some time, just like any other New Year’s resolution. But eventually you will see the result.

Finally, thank you for making last year so wonderful. It was hard for everyone, but seeing the happy faces upon receiving their new puppies made it worth it.