Future Selection List

Updated 01/14/2022

This is where you are located on the current selection list. You can find your placement by your initials, the state you live in, or the order number of your deposit. The last column is the litter you are placed in. If it's marked "Future", there are no current litters born yet. After they are born you will be placed in a litter based on availability of your choice. We may contact you if there is an available puppy that's different from your choice available. Say if you wanted a white male puppy and we have a badger male puppy available, we will ask you if you would like that one.
InitialsFromOrder # (deposit)AKC/Non-AKCSex, Color, Selection #Litter
EPVA5062GP/HuskyFemale, Dark, 1Phoebe
GP/HuskyFemale, Dark, 2Phoebe
DMMD5647GP/HuskyMale, Dark, 1Phoebe
GP/HuskyMale, Dark, 2Phoebe
GP/HuskyMale, Dark, 3Phoebe
GP/HuskyMale, Dark, 4Phoebe
GP/HuskyMale, Tan, 1Phoebe
GP/HuskyMale, Tan, 2Phoebe
BLNC5534Non-AKCFemale, White, 1Hope
ACVA4908Non-AKCFemale, White, 2Hope
Non-AKCFemale, White, 3Hope
Non-AKCFemale, White, 4Hope
Non-AKCFemale, White, 5Hope
Non-AKCFemale, White, 6Hope
HSMD2985Non-AKCMale, White, 1Hope
LHVA4964Non-AKCMale, White, 2Hope
JJFL3922AKCFemale, Badger, 1Future
JMVA4812AKCFemale, Badger, 2Future
RCVA4883AKCFemale, Badger, 3Future
AMFL5513AKCFemale, Badger, 4Future
PCPA5221AKCFemale, White, 1Future
JMNC5524AKCFemale, White, 2Future
ZKNC4249AKCMale, Badger, 1Future
MKVA5149AKCMale, White, 1Future
DRVA3973Non-AKCFemale, Badger, 1Future
MCPA4889Non-AKCMale, White, 1Future
LKNC5567Non-AKCMale, White, 2Future
KKVA5578Non-AKCMale, White, 3Future
DGVA5644Non-AKCMale, White, 4Future